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Why Raw?

Raw Equals Synergy.

A low-temperature process
retains more of the fragile hemp plant
constituents that contribute to synergy and
energetic wholeness​. From extraction through
decarboxylation, our unique "Cool Process Method" never exceeds 120°F.

Restore Raw Hemp Oil

Restore Raw Hemp Oil

Full Spectrum Whole Plant Extract

Full Spectrum Whole Plant Extract

A Bit About Us

Our Story

Raw. What's the difference? 

In pure, raw cannabis, cannabinoids like CBD and THC are available as acids, CBDA and THCA. THCA isn't psychoactive until it moves toward becoming THC through a procedure called decarboxylation. CBDA progresses toward becoming CBD through the decarb procedure, as well, and there is advantage in this: the decarb structure is all the more effectively consumed by the body, and works by means of the body's endocannabinoid system. 

Be that as it may, is there an expense?The expense is the trace compounds within cannabis that are lost when heat is applied to accomplish the decarb. What amount of heat is used? Commonly 250 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Some decarbing will occur at lower temperatures, and as much as 25% of the CBDA will change over to CBD in the ordinary course of collect and extraction. 

Some extra transformation from CBDA to CBD will occur in the body, as well. Be that as it may, to draw near to 100% of the CBDA decarboxylated dependably and inside a brief span outline, high warmth has been the main choice on the menu. Up to this point… 

At Restore Raw Hemp we made a superior choice. Amid our extraction procedure, some warming happens and a temperature as high as 120°F (49°C) is reached. When we do our special decarb process we hold to that equivalent breaking point, and that is what we mean by Raw. 

Our procedure results in a tincture that is about 85% decarboxylated, so a sound part of CBDA, with its own unmistakable advantages, is held. 

That CBDA in the blend appears to adequately expand blood dimensions of CBD. As an article in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research reports, “Interesting results were obtained from experiments in which capsules filled with either unheated or heated cannabis extracts containing 10 mg THCtotal(THC+THCA) and 10–15 mg CBDtotal (CBD+CBDA) estimated when fresh: pharmacokinetic analysis of the blood of patients ingesting two such capsules showed mean peak plasma CBD concentrations four times higher in the unheated extract than in the heat-treated extract (emphasis added)(1.24 ng/mL at 1.17 h vs. 0.30 ng/mL at 0.83 h, respectively).35 The results suggest that the use of unheated cannabis extract rich in acidic phytocannabinoids may beneficially affect the uptake and metabolism of CBD or other phytocannabinoids.”

There are around 500 phytochemicals in cannabis, and precisely how they are altogether coordinated to create medical advantages for people is a riddle just halfway fathomed. We do think enough about the cannabinoids and terpenes to recognize benefits, however how the several minor players in the ensemble contribute has not been completely mapped. However we realize they do contribute, some straightforwardly and others in supporting roles. What a disgrace it is to chop our perfect ensemble down to only a couple of main event instruments! Not how to produce a masterpiece in our opinion.

Whole Plant? Tell me more... 

When we utilize this term, what we mean is that we do our best to bring you whatever number of the 500 players as could be expected under the circumstances in our tinctures. Different products on the market are designated "full spectrum" to tell you that they are not selling CBD as an isolate - they incorporate the majority of the cannabinoids and terpenes.

We need you to have more. This is why we are dedicated to using alcohol as the solvent in our extraction process (see our article on this), rather than CO2 which leaves behind the water soluble constituents.

With Restore Raw Hemp tinctures you get the water solvent constituents just as the lipid ones. Also, with our unique low-temperature decarb process, you get the most complete profile of regular cannabis constituents you will discover in any CBD tincture.

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